Myles Murray (CEO – PMD Solutions) excites dotMED to become outright winner with his vision of the use of technology for positive impacts in the future of Irish Healthcare

PMD Solutions, an SME based in Cork, Ireland is committed to “making every breath count” while reducing the cost of Irish healthcare.

Myles Murray, (CEO – PMD Solutions) engaged the audience of the dotMED conference today with his vision of how new technologies like “RespiraSense” (from PMD Solutions) will positively impact the future of Irish Healthcare. The health technology session, chaired by the HSE’s Chief Information Officer Richard Corbridge, selected PMD as outright winner for its work in delivering RespiraSense.

‘RespiraSense’ is the world’s first continuous and accurate discrete sensor that measures the ‘mechanics of respiration’. This gives medical staff the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration from conditions such as respiratory compromise, increasing severity of sepsis, worsening pneumonia, and oncoming heart attacks. The device, a discrete wireless sensor, is ideally designed for general ward patients who are at risk of adverse events until discharge.

Mr. Murray stated “PMD is excited to ‘make every breath count’ for Irish patients while providing clinicians important and timely trending information to help prevent in-hospital adverse events. As Respiratory rate is a key indicator of a patients general well-being, changes in this vital sign can provide indications of respiratory compromise. This technology supports HSE’s EWS (Early Warning Score) initiatives while also providing a boost towards the implementation of digital (and paperless) healthcare”.

‘RespiraSense’ is designed to continuously measure this vital sign, which if detected to be abnormal can help medical staff prevent these from happening with patients on the general ward. This can result in better patient outcomes and overall reduced length of stay for patients in hospitals and to free up beds – a current need for ICU and Emergency Departments nationwide”.

PMD Solutions is currently collaborating with three of the largest research hospitals across Ireland to demonstrate the positive outcomes from continuous monitoring of respiration rate.


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