PMD Solutions, an Irish Medical Technology firm, has been awarded funding by SBRI, a NHS initiative, to implement its medical technology’ RespiraSense’ to improve patient flow in Acute Care across the NHS.

31st January 2017  

SBRI Healthcare, the small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare), is an NHS England Initiative, led by the country’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) whose role is to promote UK economic growth by spreading innovation and best practice across the NHS. Winners receive fully funded development contracts between the awarded company and NHS England to meet known healthcare need.

RespiraSense is a novel technology that provides medical staff an alert to abnormal breathing, one of the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration from conditions such as respiratory compromise, worsening pneumonia, increasing severity of sepsis, and oncoming heart attacks, through trend monitoring respiratory rate. Respiratory rate is shown to be the earliest and most sensitive sign of patient deterioration. The benefit of having RespiraSense is that it can support the timely identification of deterioration, leading to improved interventions, resulting in better patient outcomes – lower length of stay, fewer preventable ICU admittance, and lower cost of care. RespiraSense has been successfully trialled in the perioperative setting and it is a timely technology that will address the global clinical need for robust monitoring of patients on the general and post-operative care floors.

Myles Murray CEO of PMD stated “This is a significant endorsement for PMD Solutions which is entirely focused on improving patient outcomes by making every breath count. Respiratory rate’s value has been significantly published for the last 10 years, and yet manual counting breaths remains to be the global industry standard. Spontaneous breathing is challenging to measure accurately, however this challenge has become PMD’s advantage as a result of its novel wearable respiratory sensor technology.”

“RespiraSense has centres of excellence across Europe with world leading opinion leaders in the field of vital signs and patient deterioration. With the increasing pressures put onto healthcare institutions, prevention is the word when it comes to addressing both financial savings without compromising patient safety.”

“PMD’s novel platform technology will provide clinicians important and timely trending information to help prevent in-hospital adverse events. This technology supports global (Early Warning Score) initiatives while also providing a boost towards the implementation of digital (and paperless) healthcare”.

“We look forward with confidence to our ongoing clinical investigations within in emergency, perioperative and acute medicine settings. All demonstrating that a positive impact to both outcomes and financial savings is a reality.”

– Myles Murray-

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