Press Release: PMD Solutions Granted Japanese Patent for Respiratory Rate Monitoring Technology

DATE: 30th October 2018

PMD Solutions, an industry-leading medical technology company based in Cork, Ireland, today announced the issuance of Japanese Patent No. 6401718 Titled “A Method and Device for Respiratory Monitoring” issued September 14, 2018.

PMD’s premier product, RespiraSense™ (Breathing Rate Monitoring), has already received regulatory approvals for the sales and marketing of the device across the European Union. This milestone now enables PMD to establish a wider presence in countries on other continents. Earlier this month, PMD Solutions received the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Visionary Innovation Leadership award for the European non-invasive respiratory market at the Best Practices banquet in London.

“RespiraSense™ is a revolution in the early identification of patient deterioration. The granting of RespiraSense™’s patent will enable PMD to invest further in the global commercialisation of our best-in-class innovation. Through working with leading university hospitals and national health authorities, PMD is set to establish a new standard of care for continuous breathing rate monitoring by 2020” says Myles Murray, CEO of PMD Solutions.

RespiraSense™ is the world’s first respiratory rate wearable specifically designed for trend monitoring of acute patients. RespiraSense™ is a novel technology that provides medical staff with an alert to abnormal breathing, one of the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration from conditions such as respiratory compromise, worsening pneumonia, increasing the severity of sepsis, and oncoming heart attacks, through trend monitoring respiratory rate. Respiratory rate is shown to be the earliest and most sensitive sign of patient deterioration. The benefit of having RespiraSense™ is that it can support the timely identification of deterioration, leading to improved interventions, resulting in better patient outcomes – lower length of stay, fewer preventable ICU admittance, and lower cost of care. RespiraSense™ has been successfully trialled in the general, emergency, and perioperative ward setting, addressing the global clinical need for robust monitoring of patients on the general and post-operative care floors.

Respiratory rate’s value has been significantly published for the last 10 years, and yet manual counting breaths remain the global industry standard. Spontaneous breathing is challenging to measure accurately, however, this challenge has become PMD’s advantage as a result of its novel wearable respiratory sensor technology.

Since 2016, PMD Solutions has been working with a network of thought leaders in the fields of early warning scoring, vital signs, and improvement in hospital systems. In 2017 PMD announced research partnerships with European Centres of Excellence in Denmark, Wales and England and together they continue to demonstrate the value of respiratory rate and the clinical and economic impact it has on patient care.

Murray adds, “RespiraSense™ works with centres of excellence across Europe and world-leading opinion leaders, globally, in the field of vital signs and patient deterioration. With the increasing pressures put onto healthcare institutions, prevention is the word when it comes to addressing both financial savings without compromising patient safety.”

Japan’s medical device market, the third largest in the world, ahead of China and Germany, imports 40% of its requirements. The Japanese government spends 10% of GDP each year on healthcare, making it the third largest globally. 

The grant of that patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by the team at PMD Solutions.

About PMD Solutions
PMD Solutions is the leader in non-invasive respiratory rate monitoring solutions. PMD is focused on developing innovative and patient-friendly technologies to support healthcare provider’s early prevention model of patient care. Established in 2011 on a fundamental clinical need to measure patients breathing rates, which is amiss, is a significant indicator of deterioration, the company develops groundbreaking medical devices for the monitoring and diagnosis of respiratory conditions with the fundamental belief of making every breath count.  With several clinical applications, the primary focus of the technology addresses the global technological deficit of accurate and continuous respiratory rate monitoring. Core products include class-leading continuous and motion-tolerant respiratory rate monitors and population sleep screening diagnostic devices.

PMD Solutions operates from Cork, Ireland, a region recognised as one of the largest exporters of medical products in Europe and one of the five global emerging medical device hubs.


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