PMD advances research into Respiratory Rate as prognostic indicator of COPD and Septic escalations of care by partnering with Sydvestjysk Sygehus hospital as a Centre of Excellence in Denmark.

RespiraSense is a novel technology that provides continuous and accurate respiratory rate monitoring so to alert medical staff to abnormal breathing, one of the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration from conditions such as respiratory compromise, worsening pneumonia, increasing severity of sepsis, and oncoming heart attacks.

‘Through our research we seek to gain greater understanding of the effectiveness of patient monitoring systems in emergency and acute facilities which may help to identify reasons for failure to identify patients at risk. Early intervention is key for improved outcomes.” – Dr. Mikkel Brabrand Clinical Associate Professor of Acute Medicine, Sydvestjvsk Sygehus hospital, Esbjerg teaching hospital.

Myles Murray CEO of PMD stated, “The value of vital signs as prognostic indicators of patient outcome has been well established, while respiratory rate remains to be recognised as the earliest and most sensitive indicator of patient deterioration from conditions such as Sepsis and COPD associated Respiratory Compromise. Undertaking these industry leading clinical investigations, with one of the world’s thought leaders, Dr Mikkel Brabrand, PMD continues to demonstrate that healthcare providers, through the use of RespiraSense, can improve patient safety and patient outcomes on the general care floor.”- Myles Murray

“RespiraSense is establishing centres of excellence across Europe with world leading opinion leaders in the field of vital signs and patient deterioration. With the increasing pressures put onto healthcare institutions, prevention is the word when it comes to addressing both financial savings without compromising patient safety.”

“PMD’s novel platform technology will provide clinicians important and timely trending information to help prevent in-hospital adverse events. This technology supports global (Early Warning Score) initiatives while also providing a boost towards the implementation of digital (and paperless) healthcare”.

“We look forward with confidence to our ongoing clinical investigations within emergency, perioperative and acute medicine settings. All demonstrating that a positive impact to both outcomes and financial savings is a reality.”

– Myles Murray-

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