PMD is #MakingEveryBreathCount improving patient outcomes & safety with RespiraSense, a revolutionary sensor platform for continuous respiratory rate monitoring


The world’s first ubiquitous and continuous Respiratory Rate Monitor

Sensor - PMD Respiratory Rate Technology

PMD has specifically created a revolutionary new Sensor to deliver respiratory rate in a personalised patient friendly monitor that is comfortable and unique to the patient that enhances the existing operation of routine patient vital observations. While continuously supporting between those observations, for an array of patients across all clinical areas.

The Sensor Technology measures the deflections of the chest and the gut that occur during breathing to directly measure respiratory rate.

The Sensor contains PMD’s novel piezo electric technology while the Lobe contains the electronics and rechargeable battery. The single use Sensor converts and outputs the breathing deflections to the Lobe as a varying low voltage signal, when applied to the patient’s skin.

PMD Solution’s innovative Sensor Technology is applicable to a number of different clinical uses, and is currently used in PMD’s RespiraSense Breathing Frequency Monitor and RespiraSense Sleep Screener products.

PMD Respiratory Rate Technology

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