Sleep Apnoea is when breathing stops and starts while sleeping. The most common type is called obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).[9]

Extended waiting lists can result in patients receiving delayed treatment of which costs an additional £46.3 million in healthcare costs every year.

Even highly symptomatic patients require 6+ channel home sleep test which have high rate or retest and result in significant waiting times And possible retests due to equipment failure.

Delayed treatment can develop the presence of Heart Failure, Diabetes or fatigue related fatalities. Simple, cost effective and reliable wearables can assist in the prompt diagnosis of symptomatic patients with OSA. Allowing for quick treatment of the patient.

Remote Continuous Monitoring of respiratory rate allows medical professionals to diagnose Sleep Apnoea, reducing waiting lists and enabling early detection.

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RespiraSense, the world’s first piezoelectric continuous Respiratory Rate Monitor

RespiraSense, the world’s first piezo electric continuous Respiratory Rate Monitor

  • “1 night only” home sleep test.
  • Allows patient diagnosis and prescribed treatment within 24 hours.
  • Small, discrete, comfortable and easy to use device – no belts or nasal cannulas.
  • Enables Sleep Consultants to increase their patient coverage by over 200% with a minimum increase in resources.

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