Empowering patients to be partners in their care, PMD provides an end-to-end managed service with an all-inclusive offering so that when we partner, the only focus point is the patient's journey to recovery.

Transforming Care Outcomes in Letterkenny COPD Virtual Ward using motion-tolerant and continuous Respiratory Rate monitoring

Wearables, Smart Devices, Consumables, in-person patient visits, 24/7 support, and full IT services are included to ensure that all patients can benefit from transformational medical solutions and lead an empowered life.

A Fully Managed Virtual Ward Service Graphic Measurable Impact to Outcomes Graphic Complete Digital Inclusion Graphic

The advantages of a fully managed service that focuses on patients and not technology

24/7 video support

video, phone, and messaging assistance to support technology enquiries from patient or provider

Technology Management

Delivery, maintenance, cleaning, replacement services for all technology, wearables and smart devices


Full transparency with frequent reporting on usage, compliance, patient support time, and impact analysis

Digital lnclusivity

All technology will be supplied where needed, including all cellular connectivity

Secondary Monitoring

Services to support resource-scarce clinical teams

From admission to discharge

End to end management of the patient enrolment but also the patient discharge

Why partner with PMD?

  • We believe that patients come first and our goal is to support you in achieving just that by #MakingEveryBreathCount
  • Transform outcomes with revolutionary respiratory rate monitoring technology within a fully managed virtual ward service

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